VEGA’s team

Samsonov Boris

Ph.D. in Geology.

Geologist in the third generation, scientific activity began in 1980. Under his leadership, more than 50 scientific topics have been published and many field studies have been carried out.

Kopytenko Evgeniy

Master of Physics, scientific researcher.

Chief constructor, geophysicist. Occupation: Institute of Ter- restrial Magnetism Ionosphere and Radiowave Propagation Russian Academy of Sciences, invited scientific researcher at the University of Electrical Communications, Tokyo (Japan). More than 70 articles have been published in international scientific magazines, reports have been presented at Russian and international conferences. Under his leadership VMTU-10 a ground based MT-AMT system and marine see bottom electroprospecting station were developed. With the help of them dozens of field surveys were carried out.

Polyakov Sergey

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, professor.

Chief designer of three projects included in the current RUSSIAN SPACE PROGRAM of the development and manufacture of magnetic field sensors for various frequency ranges. Sergey has more than100 publications in domestic and foreign peer-reviewed publica- tions. Since 2000 up to now he created a new scientific direction related to the generation, propagation and reception of low-fre- quency electromagnetic fields. In 1990 he was appointed as a di- rector of the Scientific Research Radiophysical Institute (NIRFI) in Nizhniy Novgorod.

Alexey Shchennikov: Scientific Researcher
Kirill Kozlov: Scientific Researcher
Sarychev Yury: Engineer Constructor
Samsonov Mikhail: Master of Geology
Kovshov Sergey: Marketing
Birulia Mikhail: Bachelor of Geology
Amosov Lev: Engineer Electronic
Scriabin Artyom: Master of Physics
Bogomolov Nikolay: Master of Physics