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EKSIR Co. was established in Aug. 2007 to contribute as a general contractor to the domestic and international industrial and construction projects within oil and gas, mining, and petrochemical industries. Depending on the project needs, EKSIR is fully capable of getting capital investment and collaborate with third party companies and people to sign contracts and execute for management, design, manufacturing, technology transfer, installation and commissioning, technical inspection, and all necessary import/export of lawful goods. EKSIR hires top talents with the vision that development of energy and mining sectors as main infrastructures has significant impact to the industrial development of Iran. In this regard, EKSIR aims for a strong contribution in engineering activities and development of private section. Providing investment opportunities for foreign investors in domestic projects through partnership, direct funding, and increasing capital via investment, trading, and providing engineering services overseas are among EKSIR’s goals. We are committed to utilize resources for the projects with minimum impact to environment as we believe in sustainable development across all EKSIR’s activities.