HSE & Safety

HSE Policy

At all times attention must be given:

Such is Eksir Co. policy towards people, property and the environment whether it affects itself, its clients or its subcontractors.

This approach, which is a prime management responsibility, as with any quest for improvement in quality and performance, induces real professionalism from our personnel, contributes to and improves its image.
For each of us, no matter what position we hold in the company, the prevention of any sort of accident must therefore be of major importance.
With this aim, Eksir makes it a duty not only to comply with safety, health and Welfare measures required by law, but in addition to maintain safety at the highest possible level in the performance of all his activities.
Such commitment is one of the absolute priorities of the Eksir Co. general and regional management, which by motivation and example teaches subordinates to identify, analyze, eliminate or at least control the risks inherent in their work.
Everyone at every level must feel responsible for his own safety and that of his neighbors.
The Safety Manual shall be well circulated on the Prefabrication / Construction / Installation Sites, defines our HSE Policy and constitutes our reference point in all circumstances. The training periods completed, by exercises, the in-depth analysis of
accidents and incidents, prepares us to reach in the most efficient way, even in an uncommon situation in the best interests of the personnel, property and environment.
The adherence of everyone to this policy is an obligation and nothing can justify the slightest negligence.

Signed by H. Bahmanpour (Eksir Co. DIRECTOR MANAGER)


EKSIR’s priority is to provide a safe workplace for personnel, protect environment, and maintain the performance of equipment and buildings. EKSIR Co., as a General Contractor in oil and gas industry, prioritizes health and safety of the personnel for all involved parties in the project to deliver high quality product. Emphasis on safety and hygiene of the workplace to keep all personnel healthy, is one of the major goals of EKSIR. Safety and security personnel are responsible to educate other departments about safety and hygiene of the workplace. All employees in any level are responsible for creating a safe workplace.